what is an off plan property?

Off Plan Real Estate
  • 0% Personal Income Tax, Rental Income Tax, Capital Gain Tax
  • Costs From 788,000 AED / $215,000​
  • 3 Year Investor Visa for Self & Family Eligible
  • Booming Property Market
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  • 10 Year Golden UAE Residency Visa for Investors
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    What is an Off-Plan Property?

    An off-plan property is a real estate development that is still under construction and being sold before its completion. This type of property provides buyers with the opportunity to secure their investment early on, with the option to purchase the property before it is finished.

    Advantages of Buying Off-Plan Properties

    1. Price Appreciation: One of the biggest advantages of buying off-plan properties is the potential for price appreciation. As the construction process nears completion, the value of the property is likely to increase, making it a smart investment for the future.
    2. Early Bird Discounts: Off-plan properties are often sold at a discounted price compared to completed properties. This provides buyers with the opportunity to secure their investment at a lower cost, with the potential to make a profit once the construction is completed and the property is put on the market.
    3. Flexibility in Customization: Another advantage of off-plan properties is the flexibility they offer in terms of customization. Buyers have the opportunity to choose the finishes, materials, and features they want in their property, making it truly unique and tailored to their individual needs and tastes.
    4. Direct from the Developer: Buying off-plan properties directly from the developer can also provide a number of benefits, including lower prices and flexible payment plans. Developers are often eager to sell as many properties as possible, which can lead to better deals for buyers.
    5. Less Competition: Off-plan properties are not yet completed, which means there is less competition for them. This is in contrast to completed properties, which are often in high demand and therefore may have multiple offers from interested buyers.

    Final Thoughts

    Buying an off-plan property can be a great investment opportunity for those looking to secure their future and potentially make a profit. By carefully considering the advantages and making an informed decision, buyers can choose the best option for their individual needs and goals.